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This is the week that was: Responsive design, B2B branding and email predictions

November 4, 2013

As November creeps around the corner the marketing world goes into overdrive before Christmas.

In the mean time we have taken a tour around the best blogs and distilled all the insight you need into one little blog.

This is the week that was.

Insight of the week

The essence of your brand is pretty simple – it encapsulates exactly what your business is about. Your brand is your personality and how you talk to your customers. But how can you be sure that how you are presenting yourself resonates with what your customers and potential customers want and need? This week McKinsey released a fascinating report looking into the characteristics B2B customers are really looking for vs. the ones companies are most often portraying. It seems most organisations seem to be missing the mark. Out of those surveyed none focused on what the majority of customers wanted to see – honest and open dialogue with customers and society. Equally worryingly CSR is the most popular brand characteristic to portray, and the findings show no one relates this with the strength of the brand. This report is a must read and will make you think about how your brand characteristics help you resonate with your customers.

Future gazing of the week

Email marketing has taken a bit of a kicking over the last couple of years. An endless queue of marketing experts have lined up to declare its death at the hands of the great social media revolution. We’ve never really jumped on the same bandwagon – no channel is dead as long as you are pushing the right message, at the right time to the right people. UberFlip doesn’t seem to agree either – and this week treated us to a great infographic about where email marketing for B2B is heading next year. Things are looking up – mobile, big data, automation and personalisation will all have a positive effect on the highly criticised channel. What’s your view on where email is going?

Social media advice of the week

One thorn in any social media manager’s side is the seemingly constantly changing design options for each channel – and the frustrating restrictions with each one. When you do get creative, however, you can really stand out from the crowd. This week we found 12 of the best examples of YouTube pages that brands use. This isn’t just about listing videos – it’s getting users to interact with your content and to drive social action. Particular favourites are Listerine and Rolex.

Blog post of the week

There is an interesting mentality within many marketing departments where if you are not fitting in with the rest of the market, then you are doing something wrong. This leaves us with industries made up of businesses who are saying the same things, to exactly the same people. It seems mad doesn’t it? This week Dave Trott wrote a great piece about turning your differences, what may seem like a disadvantage, into an advantage. Using the analogy of one of Brazil’s greatest (and least well known) footballers – he gives the example of VW and AVIS who did just this – with remarkable effect. Time to stop being the sheep.

Viral of the week

Since launching Marketing Cloud, Adobe has produced some brilliant viral videos to promote the product. It does the job well – encapsulating some of the ‘weaknesses’ marketing departments seem to have in properly measuring their ROI. The company’s most recent effort – ‘click, baby, click’ – exaggerates the dangers of measuring the wrong metrics in your marketing. Hits the nail on the head and gives you a bit of a chuckle at the same time. Brilliant. 

Design stimulation of the week

Responsive design. It’s the talk of the town. With people using so many different devices to come to your website it is essential the experience is optimised to that particular screen size.  This really simple website that we came across this week explains responsive design clearly and succintly. The perfect example of ‘keep it simple stupid’.

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