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This is the week that was: Behavioural copywriting, marketing innovation and projection mapping

October 1, 2013

It’s been a good old week at Earnest – we have attended events, beavered away on pitches and celebrated our 4th Birthday in style. All the while the twitter engine has been all steam ahead with an endless stream of marketing pick and mix. Here are a few of our favourites…this is the week that was.

Science of the week

Comes from Mafiesto who gave us a lesson in how B2B behavioural economics can be applied to copywriting. Inspired by the likes of Daniel Kahneman and Rory Sutherland, our interest in influencing buyer behaviour has grown over the recent months (on which note Decoded by Phil Barden is a must read) so this article really struck a chord. From discussing people’s nature to ignore logic to tapping into loss aversion within your message, this blog post will no doubt be part of shaping a revolution coming to B2B marketing. Watch out!

Guide of the week

There are some great slideshare presentations out there, but this week Gregory Pouy’s piece on how to explain digital to your colleagues stood out from the crowd. We have all been there, spending hours trying to convince a laggard that digital isn’t spending hours wasting time on Facebook. Gregory looks at digital from a number of angles – marketing, HR, education, commerce – drawing on some great case studies along the way. One to share around.

History lesson of the week

There is a lot to learn from the greats of history. Speeches have changed societies, great minds have shaped businesses. But what can we humble content creators learn from the most influencial figures in history? These slides give us, amongst many others, the Steve Jobs view on simplicity, Steven Spielberg on telling a great story and Benjamin Franklin on being remarkable.  Fantastic read.

Social media advice of the week

When it comes to the power players in the social space, Google+ still seems to be catching up. Especially when it comes to B2B. Part of this may come down to businesses just not getting what the potential is for them on a network that still feels like the new kid on the block. This week Nicolette Beard from TopRank talked through her top examples of companies who are making the most of Google+ and seeing real results. From Intel with their well planned audience segmentation to Dell with their great use of Hangouts, there is a lot to learn and take away to implement for your own business.

Peak into the future of the week

This one actually comes from our very own blog in which we talk about the need for B2B marketing to delve into the world of innovation. A fascinating study of 400 top marketers by Forrester revealed a worrying state of affairs for marketing departments at large. Showing that only 11% of marketing departments today have budget set aside for innovation, our blog post argues that marketers need to take the business of testing and learning more seriously if we are to be taken seriously within the business. Have a read and let us know your views.

Mind blowing video of the week

For a long time we have been desperate to do our very own projection mapping – inspired by the likes of the brilliant Ralph Lauren and Nokia examples. But this week that all changed when projecting onto a static building has been made to look boring and outdated by the guys at Box and Dolly. Their simply phenomenal video shows projection animation onto two moving objects. Just watch it, you can thank us later.

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