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Top Infographics for b2b marketers

August 18, 2010

Infographics are all the rage: visual representations of data that are both beautiful and enlightening. From a marketer’s perspective, they’re a welcome addition to the communications arsenal – helping bring to life complicated and potentially dry content in a highly engaging way.        

Every few days we seem to stumble across a new one so thought it was high time to compile a handy list of our current favourites for your sensory delectation:     

1. Web trend map: plots the Internet’s leading names and domains onto the Tokyo metro map        

Web trend map

 2.  Social Media in Business: iStrategy’s compelling infographic providing an insight into the adoption of Social Media by Fortune 100 Companies     



3. Facebook visualised: commissioned by Mashable, it captures all the topline Facebook stats you need to know       



4.  CMO Social Landscape: a simple yet handy infographic especially for marketing execs showing what social networks to use and when    


CMO social landscape


5.  Social Media Demographics: Flowtown’s visualisation providing a breakdown of the key demographics for all the leading social networks     


Social media demographics


6. How Google Works: PPCBlog’s startling graphic unpicking what happens behind the scenes when you search on Google. A must for any self-respecting marketer.    


How Google works


7.  How to win rock paper scissors every time: nice visual, well executed. Great for settling a few marketing versus sales debates without the need for a fist fight.    


Rock, paper, scissors - how to win


Infographics tools and resources

For those DIYers among you, we’ve also come across a few handy tools that you may find useful to play around with…     


Wordle allows you to create and design word clouds based on any text, giving prominence to more commonly occurring words. Interestingly, you can also create clouds for specific web pages or blogs. As such, it’s a great way to visually represent – and quickly understand – the prominent words being used by your business, client organisations or competitors in their online comms. Pretty useful for helping to shape your lexicon in order to drive differentiation we think.     

Wordle: Here's one we made earlier for this very blog


Profiled in June in Harvard Business Review, Neoformix has a variety of visualisation tools enabling you to analyse different Twitter accounts and keywords. Check out TwitterVenn that enables you to see the relationship between three key search terms. Try creating one using the terms: b2bmarketing, socialmedia, ROI (more fuel to the fact that the single most talked about thing in social media is social media). Disclaimer: they’re certainly interesting but they’re not pretty.    


A cool online app that visually reflects the constantly changing landscape of the Google News news aggregator. It can be customised to reflect different geographies or to focus in on specific areas of interest. Although it’s a snapshot in time, if you make the headlines (hopefully for all the right reasons) it’s a great way of visually illustrating the waves you’re making. If not, it’s just a useful way to see what’s making the headlines at any moment in time.

A news map for the UK


We’ll add more to the list as we come across them, but please feel free to add your own infographic finds and tools for the benefit of all.

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